Success Stories from some of our Clients

Relationships, Anxiety, Confidence & Happiness

 “I want to thank you Colin for the immeasurable impact you have had on my life. I never could imagine living with such joy and freedom. What I had accepted as normal with persistent anxiety and the sense that I was living in my own personal prison of stress and fear, is now completely gone.

 I feel that the childhood trauma that had taken me to that place has no impact on me whatsoever and for the first time I am free to be fearless, at peace and to truly explore my potential and live life for the first time ever.

 You have saved and enriched my marriage, you have allowed me to be a peaceful, present mother and a truly engaged friend. I feel like I am emotionally connecting with others and the world for the first time. You have also helped me overcome great physical challenges with my health which I believe were closely related to stress and emotional factors.

 I honestly feel reborn after years of seeking help from psychologists, doctors and naturopaths and will never be able to thank you enough! I wish everyone had access to what you offer- true, complete healing on the deepest subconscious levels. You have given me effective tools for dealing with the challenges I face daily. I believe you are a gift from God and I will be forever grateful!”           Estelle (Townsville)

“I had seen a few psychologists for just over 12 months for Relationship issues and some Career counselling.  I found it a little helpful but didn’t see any real changes within myself.

A friend recommended me to Colin at the Optimal Wellness Clinic at this time as I had persistent anxiety for over 18 months and was quite stressed in my job. After only 3 months I now find myself with renewed confidence, I feel better about myself and have an awareness of who I am as a person. Colin helped me to be relaxed and confident in my job and released the Anxiety I had for the previous 18 months.

He gave me the encouragement and motivation to reach for my Goals. He showed me how to think to overcome any situation. I now have purpose and direction in my life, my relationship has improved and I feel I continue to get happier. And I am also starting a new course part time in January next year that leads me towards my future Goals.”        L.K. (Townsville, 2013)

Post Natal Anxiety & Panic Attacks

After suffering postnatal anxiety and panic attacks weeks after the delivery of my fourth child I was referred to Wendy and Colin at Optimal Wellness and I couldn’t be more grateful.
I had a bad experience with the anti-anxiety drugs that I was prescribed by my GP but with Wendy’s guidance and ongoing support I have regained my confidence and therefore control of my life. I have learnt so much about myself and dealt with past traumas so that I can now say they are in the past.
I have a stronger character and I am making plans for my future that I always knew I wanted but didn’t know where to begin. I feel like my life has kick started again and it’s exciting because the future is so much easier with the support and encouragement of Wendy and Colin.

Stacey (Townsville)

This Program Changed my Life

Testimonial – Born Rich Life Coaching Program

Born Rich is not about making money, although it can be if that’s what you want, it is about the potential “richness” you were born with – as a person with endless possibilities. It sounds cliché’ , but it is true, working with Colin on this program changed my life.

I came to Colin looking for respite from panic attacks, high levels of anxiety and general dissatisfaction with what life I was living. I had a lot of trouble socially, I found it difficult to find peace in everyday life. I came to Colin with the words “I need a change – a big one” and he gave it to me through this program.

Colin taught me how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to manage the obstacles in life. I was able to detach from the emotions holding me back. I now experience calm and a new level of awareness about myself that I never thought possible.

I have learnt skills I can take into any situation and understand myself on a deep level – I now know how to get out of my own way.

The outcomes are difficult to quantify (how do you measure true happiness)… but, myself and my family are happier, healthier and wealthier as a result. I cannot recommend this program highly enough – I have seen the possibilities and now I can’t wait for what the future brings.

K. T.

A Very Big Shift in my Business

Recently I was fortunate enough to complete a course with Colin ‘Mission in Commission’.

Working in a very demanding industry Real Estate had almost worn me down. Having been successful in different periods over the last six years was wonderful however when the“GFC” hit the industry turned and this became very draining on me physically and mentally.

When I commenced the course I struggled with the concepts and found it hard to adjust my way of thinking and self doubt. This continued for the first half of the course, then something clicked and almost overnight my negativity and attitude to life and business changed. I realised that even though there was a shift in the economy, the biggest shift was my attitude, listening to all the negative talk surrounding me changed my focus to look at all the factors that were against the real estate industry rather than looking at the positives that are currently present in the real estate industry and believe me there are lots.

Although this is only the beginning of the new me, I have found that things are becoming easier in business and the small things that used to worry me no longer do as I know that with this new focus and attitude I will be very successful. Already with this change I have noticed a very big shift in my business and with the continued support from the Mission in Commission materials and Colin, life is looking great.

Katrina Mersky (Townsville)

Phobia and Panic Attacks

I had a phobia of vomiting and panic attacks for about 18 months. I could not sleep through the night, I would have to stop driving because I thought I was going to vomit, I always had a bucket beside my bed and would often wake during the night.

I was not eating a lot as I was fearful of food poisoning. I had tried a few things however thought there was nothing that could really help me. I found out about the Optimal Wellness Clinic off the Internet and went to see Colin to see what could be done. Colin explained the Emotional Freedom Technique to me and I must say I was skeptical.

After the second session I would say I was 80 to 85% improved and all this within 7 days. We have also worked through Nutritional areas and to balance my digestion and lifestyle habits.

I felt a 70% improvement after the very first session however the third session was where I gained the most confidence that this was really going to work and be permanent.

Life now is great, I have better relationships with my partner and family, I sleep through the night and live a normal life. As an added bonus I have not had to wear my glasses; which were for distance and reading for the last month. Colin worked on Acupressure points for my eyes.

It still ceases to amaze me that such a drastic change has occurred and I would recommend it to anyone.

Stacey C. (Townsville) May 2007

Fear of People & Public Places

Most of my life I have spent being quiet and nervous around people. I would generally not speak unless spoken to and refrain from conversation if I could help it. The very thought of being in public would send me into a state of anxiousness. I didn’t have many friends as I wasn’t able to engage in conversations without feeling out of place. Entering shopping centres or other public places would make
me feel very nervous.

Since having EFT with Colin I’m more than excited about the opportunity to engage in the general public and look forward to meeting new and interesting people, who now say I’m friendly and outgoing.

My family are now enjoying a more calm and relaxed me. Thank you.

Monica (Townsville)

Hyperactive Thyroid

I was diagnosed with a Hyperactive Thyroid even though I am a health conscious woman in my early 30’s, and was quite devastated to hear that I had a health problem!!! I questioned and tried to express my fears and concerns regarding this new dis-ease in my life, and the sweet Doctor ever so kindly patted my
knee, and told me not to worry about it.

I would just have to take artificial hormones – trialing the dosage with an Endocrinologist (we don’t want to take any chances of course!) We should be able to establish a correct dosage in about 18 months to 2 years!! Oh and by the way – are you pregnant, he asks, ever so kindly? I respond by saying no, but I am planning to fall within the next year. Oh no sorry, these drugs will deform the fetus!!!

With tears falling down my cheeks, I paid my bill, and spent the weekend depressed about my health crisis. Monday morning I woke up feeling much stronger – I had made a decision. I would go and see Wendy Soper. I had had some contact with her a year or so earlier, and was very impressed with her knowledge and manner, she is a genious – her husband Colin is also a wealth of knowledge – they will be able to fix me, I was sure. And fix they did.

The rest is history. I worked with Wendy to change my diet, remineralise my body with Colloidal Minerals, support my endocrine system with Herbal Hormone support, stabilise my hormonally challenged thyroid with a Herbal Hormone balancing cream and rid my intestines of parasites!!

Just 3 months later my Doctor (a new one – who believes in making room for alternative therapies) made my day by saying I have a completely NORMAL thyroid.


Suzi C. (Townsville)

Hip Pain Gone

“I have a WOW moment to share. Recently I had an abscess form in my left hip joint (according to diagnosis). I was advised by a friend to try Kinesiology, he uses Kinesiology to regain balance when he has certain things affecting his life. I limped into the treatment room to see Colin and after almost 2 hours of EFT I walked out without a limp.

I discovered that I was afraid to move forward with my life and the goals and dreams I had set for myself. I was too rigid in my thinking to be open to other options.

I also had an appointment that same day at the physiotherapist. He asked me why I was there, because it appeared that I had nothing wrong with me.”

Susan M. (Townsville)

Stress and Anxiety - now Comfort and Wellbeing

I have written a few words as a testimonial to the effectiveness of your treatment for stress and anxiety.

Early this year I was at a crisis point in my life. I had recently moved to Townsville to join a local company in a new role and was experiencing a great deal of stress and anxiety at work. The stress and strain was starting to affect my personal and home life and was threatening to overwhelm me to the point where I was frequently not able to think clearly or feel secure in my abilities to handle my day-today work responsibilities.

I was introduced to Wendy’s work through Colin, my Yoga Chi Gung teacher and also through my Naturopath who prescribed a visit to help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Within minutes of meeting Wendy she was able to touch on a very important personal issue that had been unresolved for decades. Using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) she allowed me to release some very deep and powerful emotions that I had been carrying around for almost forty years. Over the following weeks other feelings that had been submerged deep inside emerged spontaneously to be

Sometimes I was fully aware of where these feelings related to; at other times I was not. Either way, it did not seem to matter because immediately after my first EFT session and then cumulatively over the
following weeks I found that I was living with a noticeably lower level of stress and anxiety. There was a greater sense of ease in my relationships with colleagues at work and with family members at home.

On my second visit, Wendy undertook a course of muscle testing to identify and correct any nonfunctioning muscles. Immediately after this treatment I was able to breathe with greater ease and depth
than before. Combined with my ongoing practice of Yoga Chi Gung, the two EFT treatments have made a lasting and profound difference to my sense of comfort and well-being.

I am very appreciative of the help that I received from both Colin and Wendy and would certainly recommend Yoga Chi Gung and EFT to anybody who wanted to improve their health and peace of mind.

Peter D. (Annandale)

Anxiety After Dentist

I had to go into hospital to have four wisdom teeth out and a mole removed. When I came out of the anesthetic and went home I felt alright. However by the third night I had not slept for more than one to two hours in total. I was feeling shaky and anxious, I was terrified of needles, I had a phobia of swallowing blood, and anxious about not sleeping. A Doctor gave me sleeping pills which I wouldn’t take.

I booked in to see Colin in a terrible state. He worked on all of the above issues with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and got the intensity down of each issue from as high as 8 down to zero (0 to 10 scale, 10 being worst).

After I went home I went to bed and slept for seven hours straight, and woke up the next morning feeling a whole lot better. I had no shakiness or anxiety, and it was a huge weight off my shoulders.

R. Clarke. (Hyde Park)

Negative Baggage

“Kinesiology has had a powerful effect on my life. I first came to Wendy hoping that Kinesiology would help me recharge my batteries prior to my pursuit of a new career and life path. There was at this time an incredible amount of useless negative baggage, which I was carrying around and allowing to sabotage my success. You helped me dispel the more powerful of these negative self-images.

After surviving a motor vehicle accident, which should have killed me, I was left alive and facing life as a brain damaged moron. Things started to change for me immediately after my first session. They have continued to just get better and better. I thank you Wendy from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me”.

Marcus F. (Canberra)

New Awareness

“Kinesiology opened up a new awareness within me, educating me about my body, how it works and how I need to treat myself. It has helped me be happier and more peaceful in everyday life, and was the key that unlocked the door to my healing. I can now see the truth about myself and am taking control of
my life”.

Lynell B. (Rangewood)

More Milk for Breastfeeding

As Wendy knows, my milk production went down a little while ago and I found it hard to give Phillipa what she needed, and felt I had to supplement with formula or start solids early. She was a little more than 4 months old. Wendy suggested that I use the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) since Colin had experienced very good results with a client experiencing the same problems.

When I started tapping the emotional aspect popped up right away and shortly after I could feel my milk coming in. Since then there has been no need for formula, I enjoy the breastfeeding a lot more and Phillipa is turning 5 months on Friday, and I am proud to say she is still a 100% breastfed baby.

Pernille H. (Hermit Park)

Lost in the Woods

After a great deal of stress I ended up sitting in front of Colin at the Optimal Wellness Clinic, far from where I ever thought I would be but never the less heading for dire straits all the same having been a man who has always been in control the results of too much stress were beginning to take there toll on

With no answers and no real idea what was taking place within myself I was at best… becoming lost in the woods fast with no map to guide me back.

I met Colin and began the slow and at times incredibly unusual task of finding my way back to normality in my life.

I was very skeptical of EFT in the beginning but soon became aware if its strange but effective method of sorting out things in your mind that may have became slightly confused.

Colin was a tower of strength at times especially when I had no answers to things happening to me; it has been a tough road back to normality but I am stronger and more equipped to deal with life’s problems more than I ever imagined I would be; due to Colin’s awareness guidance and training.

It has seen me through to a much brighter future. My most sincere thanks go out to Colin and the Optimal Wellness Clinic for his guidance and friendship.

L Lioth Townsville

Saw "The Secret' but never knew how to apply it

I was feeling depressed, anxious and highly stressed, and things were really getting on top of me. Since working with Colin at the Optimal Wellness Clinic I am now calmer, more focused and deal more easily with issues as they come up. I am not finding life as overwhelming as I am dealing with things a lot better.

I am more hopeful for the future and I am building confidence. I am starting to understand how the mind works which is making it easier to work through things.

After working through Nutritional and Emotional areas I decided to do the Goal Achiever Coaching Program. I am only half way through and my eyes have really opened up to new possibilities. I don’t have to go along with life as it is, and I have realised that anything is possible for me.

I saw the movie “The Secret” but never knew how to apply it. The Goal Achiever Program is putting the picture together for me and giving me real tools to make things happen.

Kristen (Townsville)


It was May this year and my life was out of control, I was a mess. I had an addiction to
Chocolate which was the first thing I worked on at the Optimal Wellness Clinic.

Two months later and I still have not had any chocolate, I just don’t need it anymore, and that was after only one session.

The other thing I wanted to work on was that I could not stop spending money, mind you I made a lot, however my Credit Card debts were over $40,000.

Since the first session with Colin on this; I have actually taken back clothes that I had out on APRO and have not used a credit card since.

My finances are now in control and I am happily paying these cards out never to be used again.

We also set a limit of 2 glasses of wine once or twice a week and I have not exceeded this either.

I am now working through areas of separation and my life is just getting better and better.

Through EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) I became honest with myself, and realised that the spending, the chocolates and the wine were just surface issues for me to get through.

Amanda (Townsville)

Struggled for 40 Years

It was so wonderful meeting you at the Life Success conference. I can’t thank you enough for helping me.

I struggled waking up in the morning for 40 years. I would exhibit an excruciating stomach ache and perspiration beyond belief. I have prayed that I would not wake up, so that I would not be faced with the symptoms every morning.

I thank God you were able to eliminated these symptoms. Using the EFT technique and your expertise and pure love for people, I am able to function and enjoy my day.

Thank you
Laura Sifrar (United States)
God Bless You

Fear of Flying

In 2004 I had some fairly bad experiences with flying which resulted in me avoiding flying altogether. I could not even pick up the phone to go to book a flight, the thought of it would start to make me physically ill, anxious and panicky.

My Uncle knew about the Optimal Wellness & LifeSuccess Centre and mentioned that maybe they could help. I was very skeptical that anything could help me.

I decided to give it a go and to my amazement after only 2 sessions in with Colin September 2008 I felt totally calm around the thought of flying.

I then decided to try it in the real world in late 2008. I had no problems at all, in fact I was absolutely calm throughout the entire flight.

Last time I flew before this I could not look out the window withut my stomach just about jumping out of my throat. I flew from Townsville – Brisbane – Sydney and returned and did it easily and happily looked out the window. I was very comfortable and happy.

Justin (Townsville April 2009)

Amazing Health Recovery


Thank you Wendy from the centre of my heart. You have helped me so much over the last 12 months. I still recall vividly the time you switched “my batteries” back around the right way. A remarkable transformation.

I am amazed that I no longer use my puffers, selsun shampoo and bowel medicine. WOW! The puffers I started at the age of 13. The selsun commenced at around age 22. And the bowel medicine started around the age of 45. I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement and teachings that have helped me so much.

I still have heaps to learn and achieve but I understand now that anything really is

Claire (Townsville, QLD)

Dental Fear

I came to see Wendy for some Nutritional advice. I just happened to mention I was having a lot of pain with a tooth. I needed to go to the Dentist but had been putting it off due to my fear of needles and drills etc…

So Wendy helped me using EFT (Emotional Freedom technique) to release my fears. I was then able to go to the Dentist without the fear and apprehension. It was as easy as going shopping WOW!

D.G. (Townsville)

Alcohol and Gambling

I cannot thank Colin enough for the help and direction he has given me. I suffered from anxiety and a gambling habit resulting in large debt. It is absolutely because of Colin that I now no longer gamble, and the anxiety I struggled with is now under control.

I am still amazed that those horrible feelings that once consumed me are gone. I now have a financial plan in place and happily look forward to the future.


Wow! I fell pregnant immediately

After falling pregnant easily with my son at age 27, it was a shock to my husband and myself that we had difficulty conceiving our second. The years passed us by, and medical investigations revealed nothing, doctors just labelled us with “unexplained secondary infertility”, and “You have a hormone imbalance”, but offered not much else that was practical in the way of assistance. We were devastated. How could it be so easy the first time and seemingly impossible second time around?

And so my quest began. I read everything I could get my hands on, tried every lotion and potion and pill I could find, some from medical doctors, some from natural practitioners, and made lots of dietary and lifestyle changes. As my friends and family all fell pregnant around me with ease, I began to think of myself as more deserving than some of them, and became sad, bitter, angry, judgmental and resentful.

Just last year we tried some fertility treatment over 4 months, which was invasive but unsuccessful, and then considered doing IVF this year. I feared all the injections and pills and medical cocktails it required I put into my body, not to mention the emotional and financial toll. We decided against it. By this time my moods were really getting me down, and I was not the easiest person in the
world to live with.

Finally I was led to Colin and Wendy at the Optimal Wellness clinic. When I went in for my first session of EFT, I was just miserable, upset, angry and sick of my own attitude. Colin talked to me and helped put some things into perspective; Wendy gave me some good sound health advice. Colin used the EFT on me, and I started to feel better by the end of the visit. It was great!

Over the next week my attitude seemed completely transformed. No longer did my fertility issues upset me. I notice that other unrelated dramas just did not phase me the way they once would have. I did just one more session with Colin and he remarked that I seemed a lot happier. I was. I felt I had less baggage and was so much more lighthearted than I had in years. And if life did not grant me the wish of another baby, I knew I could deal with it with a bare minimum of sadness, and get on with a happy life with my family.


I enrolled in one of Colin’s EFT courses so that I could easily continue the technique for myself and gain a better understanding of it. It has since helped me in so many ways. Colin and Wendy also recommended to me the Neways Oral Chelation program including using Feroxin and Endau. I continued this particular course of vitamins for close to 4 months. This was to give my body a really deep cleanse/detox, deemed necessary as I had spent 5 years living in an area of heavy agriculture and mining.

Many friends there also suffered from secondary infertility and miscarriages and there was a remarkable amount of children with allergies. My own theory is that these problems were linked with the pesticides sprayed in the area. I also removed Soy products from my diet, which I had been on for 18 years, due to a dairy intolerance. I had increased my intake of this four years previously
when I came across a larger and even more delicious range of soy products, such as soy cheese, soy cream cheese, soy cream, tofu ice cream.

It was also around four years ago that my body began displaying some alarming differences in my monthly cycle, my moods and fibrocystic breast lumps, and I believe infertility. I had no idea that all of this may have been connected to excess intake of soy, making me estrogen dominant, until I read an article at The Optimal Wellness Clinic. I could tick off most of the symptoms for Estrogen dominance in the article and so I knew the Oral Chelation might help me get rid of some of the nasty things still built up in my body. I also removed many items dangerous to my health from my household and beauty routine.


I finished the Oral Chelation program in late November, and found that the fibrocystic lumps in my breasts seemed to be smaller. In January we began trying for a baby once again, and Wow! I fell pregnant immediately. After four long years I am going to have a baby. It’s amazing and we are overjoyed.

I am now over 19 weeks pregnant and feel safe in the knowledge that because I did the Oral Chelation before I fell pregnant, my baby gets to start life with a clean slate. My body no longer has any toxic build up of pesticide residue, or soy, or anything bad to pass on to my child. I really feel the Oral Chelation and EFT was a great help to my body and mind in preparation for my long awaited pregnancy. Thanks so much to Colin and Wendy for all your valuable help, we are eternally grateful.

Ayesha (Townsville)

Teenage Daughter was a Handful

My 13 year-old daughter has always been a handful and has struggled emotionally
since the break-up of my marriage when she was six. Bullying about her weight after moving to Townsville in 2010 was also a contributing factor to the challenging events that followed.

Despite accessing the services of a child psychologist on a regular basis, her behaviour progressively worsened and her self-esteem plummeted. She was diagnosed with anxiety, social anxiety and traits of OCD. Living in the same house became stressful for her little brother, and myself, as we never knew what was going to set her off. She kicked the walls when angry, leaving dents, and broke the glass vanity door in the bathroom. Her school marks slowly decreased, until she was failing almost everything. Despite having a stable group of friends she felt worthless and ugly.

At the tender age of 10 she talked constantly about wanting ‘to die’ and made lists of how to end her life. In 2013, at the age of 12, this culminated in extreme sadness, reclusive behaviour and self-loathing. She tried to numb these feelings through almost daily self-harming behaviour (cutting), disordered eating and bulimia. I would regularly find cutting implements (razors, sharpener blades) beside her bed of a morning and she would lock the bathroom door as she purged nightly in the shower.  We were referred to a child psychiatrist, who finally put her onto anti-depressants and tablets to regulate her sleep, in November 2013.

There was a slight improvement in her mood once the medications kicked in, but she was still extremely reclusive and the self-harming behaviours continued. She spent most of her time in her bedroom and was missing lots of school. If I forced her to go somewhere with me (like a friend’s house for dinner), she would be abusive and rude and spoil the night for everyone. It was just less stressful to leave her at home and try not to worry about what I would find when I got back.

Thankfully, I had been reading about ‘tapping’ and had been pointed in the direction of Colin Soper at the Optimal Wellness Clinic. I dragged my daughter along for her first session in May this year, despite her telling me that she wouldn’t do this ‘stupid tapping’ and that I was wasting my money. She had weekly sessions with Colin over the next four weeks producing AMAZING results.

She started to come out of her room more and would watch TV with the family. Her school absences have decreased, by half, each term since she started the EFT sessions with Colin. She now asks to go to visit family friends on the weekends. In July, a friend’s teenage son asked what ‘miracle drug’ she had been put on because she was actually a nice person now. She has only cut herself twice in 5 months and she is now passing all of her subjects.

Thanks to Colin and EFT our home is a much calmer and happier place to live.

P.T. (Townsville)
October 2014

Remarkable EFT Session

Since a remarkable EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) session given by Colin Soper at the Optimal Wellness Clinic in Townsville I am pleased to say that since this treatment I have been able to walk so much better. Prior to this EFT treatment, since February 2009 when a Laparoscopic Paravaginal Repair and Sacral Colpopexy operation was performed to correct a prolapse, walking was difficult with a right hip problem acerbated by locked nerves. The muscles had pulled so tightly that hip degeneration had occurred.

My husband takes me for a regular beach walk most Sundays. On our next beach walk after the first EFT session 9th August 2013 I became so excited that I could actually squeeze muscles of my right thigh and buttock at the same time – a first in nearly 5 years.

The problem came back in October after the passing of my mother, again this was nerve related from a cruel childhood incident which triggered off the ‘old’ complaint, which is really where the beginning of many other ailments arose from. After another EFT session at the Optimal Wellness Clinic this too was successful.

I strongly recommend everyone who suffers with pain from anything whatsoever to seek this treatment. You will be pleasantly impressed with success, no matter how small or large.

Nancy Hegarty, Japoonvale (Qld)

Stuck, Unable to Move Forward

I went to see Colin at the Optimal Wellness Clinic for help to release blockages and self sabotages I had unknowingly created in relation to lots of areas in my life.

My husband and I invest in real estate and trade on the share market. At that stage I felt “stuck” and unable to move forward. I couldn’t commit to a certain strategy and making and setting goals was a huge problem for me, I was constantly looking backward at my life and focusing on what I hadn’t achieved: my self belief was less than great and I felt the “grass was always greener on the other side of the fence”

After my third visit with Colin I felt patient, calm and focused on the present and future. We aimed to have a $200,000 a year income from our investing so we could travel and have great adventures with our children. That seems easy now and we are moving in that direction smoothly. I just know it will happen.

Lisa D. (Townsville)

Frog Phobia

I went to see Colin Soper at the Optimal Wellness Clinic to look into my lack of energy and not feeling good. During the session I went into a panic due to a frog croaking very loudly outside of the clinic room. My appointment time was during a period of very heavy rain.

Colin didn’t know what was happening to me at first, as I had my hands over my ears, also tapping my ears to try and stop the sound. You see I had a massive frog phobia for over 20 years, which made life very difficult. When Colin found out what was happening he asked if he could help me using some tapping points on the body, what I later found out was EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

He started tapping and each time between rounds he asked questions of how I was feeling; the fear I had got less and less, until it was completely gone. It was like a miracle to me. This whole process took about 10 minutes.

It has totally changed my life. I can now say the word FROG, look at a picture of a frog; hear frogs and nothing bothers me about them. I am truly thankful to Colin for this.

Linda Eggert (Townsville)

Sadness and Loss

I am writing to let you know how very successful Kinesiology and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) has been in allowing me to let go of a long held grief and resentment issue. Over a period of almost 5 years I would waken with a sadness and sense of loss and often cry as I relived this particular issue.

In fact any degree of success or happiness that I allowed myself to achieve would somehow feel insignificant and undeserved because of this issue which always seemed to make its presence felt even more intensely at such times.

It would play itself out in self-sabotaging behaviours. However, it was one thing for me to recognise it but quite another to effectively stop doing it. Anyway, I had just had enough and wanted it to go away.

I can honestly say I was both skeptical and yet hopeful about this therapy. In fact, it was the few sessions you suggested to achieve a measureable, sustainable result that was the biggest incentive for me to give it a try. Having associates who had and are still receiving many years of ongoing counselling this seemed by far the most attractive alternative.

After the first session I immediately felt the issues had been dealt with, the burden had been removed and most importantly I felt different. Even now that whole state of mind hasn’t returned at all. In fact I can actually look back on that issue, when I choose to, in a totally unemotional, objective way.

It has given me a depth of understanding and insight into my behaviours that were previously a mystery to me. Most importantly I’m now living in the present and loving it. Thanks again Colin.

Angie L. (Townsville)

Son's Sadness Gone

“My eight year old son was overwhelmingly sad each night when he was in bed. It progressively got worse and my normally happy, outgoing boy was so sad he wanted me to sit with him (so he could touch me) until he went to sleep each night. When I asked him what was making him sad he would say he didn’t know, it was just a feeling. It got to the stage were we were both dreading this night time ritual.

Having suffered depression in the past myself I didn’t want him to suffer what I had. Being so young I certainly did not want him to be on medication to control his sadness so I searched for an alternative treatment. I found out about the Optimal Wellness Clinic and decided to give it a go. We went along to see Colin and the technique was very simple and did not take very long.

Colin said sometimes just one visit would do the trick and seemed quite confident that he had helped my son. I thought that was a pretty tall order, but kept an open mind. To my absolute amazement that night my son had no sadness and I was able to walk out of his room after I had given him a goodnight kiss.

I almost cried with relief. He occasionally gets sad at night, but nowhere near to the same extent as before. I go through the technique with him and he is fine again. Colin has a wonderful, easy manner about him and I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for my son.”

Linda C. (Townsville)

Ecstatic Rebuilding My Life

You may not be surprised but I am ecstatic!!!! The EFT technique is brilliant. I was able to work most of yesterday, full of life and confidence and no problem using the computer.

Thank you so much. WOW!!!!!!

I’m rebuilding my life after a protracted and terrible divorce and complete nervous breakdown. I’ve gone from hospitalisation for acute depression to steadily climbing back to the top of the world. I’ve met a new lady and we plan to journey on together. Your help in getting me to let go, forgive and be confident and capable at work and in myself underpins our future.

And in case I didn’t tell you – last year your yoga teaching cured a chronic sciatic nerve/hamstring/IT band problem that was seriously restricting my lifestyle. The first lesson relieved the pain and by the second lesson, the problem was gone.

I also found the image you shared of keeping ears directly above shoulders life changing as it creates a new perspective and encourages and exudes greater confidence and energy.

Warmest thanks.

Garry H. (North Ward)

Eye Problems

“Colin fixed my eye problems in 4 hours what doctors couldn’t do in 7 years, and as an added bonus being balanced I had more energy and had a brighter, more positive approach in my day to day routine”.

Scott B. (Kelso)

No Sinus, Weight Loss

“Colin, I am more than amazed and grateful for all the help that you have given me with Kinesiology, it has only taken a couple of sessions to see dramatic changes in my outlook on every aspect of my life. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Sinus that I have had for several years has now cleared up and I have every confidence that once my pent up emotions are fully released other physical problems will be resolved.

An added bonus is that I have lost weight, I can wear clothes I haven’t been able to wear for years, and this is without any exercise or change in diet. Thanks again, I can only highly recommend you to anyone for anything”.

Liz B. (Kelso)

Tonsillitis, Ear Infections

“My daughter suffered from recurrent tonsillitis and ear infections from the age of 9 months. During the next six years there was a familiar pattern to this, a bout of tonsillitis and or ear infections, antibiotics for a week, sometimes two, a week free of infections and then the cycle would start again. The treatment offered throughout these episodes by the medical fraternity (G.P.’s and specialists) was that she should have a tonsillectomy.

It was during a conversation with Wendy that I commented on the above scenario. I then took Alix along to see Wendy for a Kinesiology session. We arrived mid afternoon for the Kinesiology session (which Alix enjoyed!)

By 6pm that same evening Alix had developed a high fever, was perspiring, vomited once and asked to go to bed. She then slept through until morning and stated she “felt much better”. There were no symptoms from the night before visible. Since then Alix has been free from tonsillitis and ear infections
for two years.

I have every confidence in Wendy’s ability as a Kinesiology practitioner, and delighted that through this it saved the trauma of a more conventional form of treatment”.

Sue B. (Kirwan)

Physical Pain

“Prior to visiting Colin I had suffered physical pain for some 30 years. After one session of Kinesiology I now find that I am free of pain, more energetic and have a more positive attitude towards the future.

Jeff M. (Gulliver)

Severe Depressions, Anxiety and Endless Stress

The past 16 years have been a very negative downward spiral for me. Some 4 years ago when I had hit my all time low, I had severe depression, anxiety, endless stress, didn’t even find peace in my sleep. I was enduring constant suffering and I was just 22. Around this time I started seeing a few psychiatrists, where I was then placed on tranquilizers and antidepressants. I can recall a point of being on 12 pills a day.

The side effects were very strong and I felt the pills were just hiding my problems, forcing a smile on my face when underneath all the pain and darkness still remained. Eventually I put a stop to taking all the medication as I felt very strongly that it was not the answer I was looking for.

What I did dream for was to be able deal with any issue that came my way, become healthy, happy, strong, sleep, be calm and to sleep well. Most of all I so much wanted peace, inner peace. Come February of this year, a friend referred me to the Optimal Wellness Clinic and shortly after I had begun working with Colin, which looking back now was the end of my downward spiral.

Now I do have inner peace, am so much calmer, smile often, sleep well, feel good emotionally and physically and looking very much forward to the future. That’s not all either! As more time passes, I sense more positive change within. What was once a dream now is real.

A few weeks ago I started The Goal Achiever program, it is teaching me so very much, the tools and awareness to reach any goal I so desire. Now I know I can achieve whatever I wish, I can and in time I will.

During one of my sessions with one of my psychiatrists years ago I was given a report of my progress to give to my doctor, it wasn’t sealed in an envelope and so being allowed to read it. There typed out in bold under my long list of negative illnesses was the word permanent. My psychiatrist believed I would always be depressed, stressed and on edge.

I’m so happy and grateful to say, that with the great help of Colin and Wendy, my psychiatrist’s conclusion was incorrect!

Christina E. (Townsville)

A Tough 15 Years

I am only in my mid 20’s and yet I have had a tough last 15 years. I needed to leave a light on to sleep, had nightmares, busy dreams and very low self esteem and confidence.

With Colin at the Optimal Wellness Clinic we worked through traumas within my family life, relationship issues, and a serious horse riding accident. My sessions have also been interspersed with some relaxing massages.

Within 3 months I can now say that I no longer need a light to sleep, my nightmares have diminished significantly, I am calmer and stabler emotionally, feel more confident and I am handling everyday life more easily.

J.B. (Charters Towers)

Severe Sciatic Pain

I had severe sciatic pain which began in 2003, it got so bad I couldn’t walk. I had surgery in 2004 with a disc removed, after this I was able to walk but with a lot of pain.

So I needed to take many pills due to the constant back, neck and leg pain. I felt miserable and thought that was what it would be like for the rest of my life.

I was very reliant on my husband and family to help with many things around the house.

Since coming to Wendy I have a far greater understanding. In my first meeting with Wendy she did EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which worked beautifully and brought my pain down from a 10/10 to 5/10 (10 being the worst).

At my next visit she used massage and EFT together and they worked beautifully together.

Each visit with Wendy my back gets better and I now know
I’m going to get better.

Judy Bartlett (Townsville – June 2009)

Bed Wetting

I was referred to the Optimal Wellness Clinic by a friend my daughter at 9 years of age would wet the bed 3 to 4 times per week and would always be going in to her brother’s room at night.

I decided to give the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) a go even though I was extremely sceptical.

I was shocked to see that it worked, after only 2 sessions my daughter had stopped going into her brother’s room during the night and the Bed Wetting had abated by 80%. We felt we didn’t need to the third session due to the level of improvement.

Valmai C. (Townsville)

Weight Loss - No Diet

I have always been what is politely referred to as a “big girl”. I have tried every diet since I was 10 years old; Weight Watchers, Calorie counting, Jenny Craig, joining a gym, liquid diets, meal replacement, prescribed drugs, fad diets – you name it. I would lose a stone in weight, but within a few months after the weight loss, I would put that weight back on – plus more. My weight kept creeping up and up. I kept swimming and did gentle walking and low impact aerobics, so was a not-too-unfit size 24.

However, it was when I suffered from a major depressive episode and was prescribed ant-depressants that my weight soared out of control. When I moved to Townsville I weighed 174 kg. I went along to the Yoga Chi Gung course, and enjoyed it so much that I did another 2 courses. That was a shock – that exercise can be fun. Exercise can help you feel better. Exercise does not need to involve expensive equipment or ongoing fees. Colin Soper the instructor was always very supportive and very focused on teaching all the students how to do the practice at home, to become self-sufficient and include the yoga practice as part of your daily
routine, like brushing your teeth.

Colin then took my recovery one step further and offered to take me through the Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.). I was the biggest cynic in the world. The idea that just talking about weight loss and doing some vague tapping stuff would help at all, when all other attempts over decades had failed seemed absolutely absurd to me. Colin was so adamant that it would work; he nagged and nagged, even going so far as to offer to treat me for free. It is not often that someone is so convinced of a product that they will give it away gratis. I thought I would go along to get him off my back, and prove that yet another attempt to control my weight would fail.

I found each session challenging. It took a long time to grasp the core concept that it is not what you eat; it is the reason why you are eating. After each session of looking into my past and working through each painful memory associated with my weight, kilos started to drop off as if by magic. My portion size shrank, I made better food choices, I walked more and I did yoga poses while waiting for the photocopier. I no longer skipped meals as food was no longer the enemy. Most importantly, THE WEIGHT STAYED OFF.

For the first time in my life I felt as though I had some control over my own body. I continued to see Colin (as a paying client!) and my weight has continued to slowly but surely drop; and even if I have had a period of time where there was little if no weight loss; the weight has never come back on. When I conceived my daughter, I weighed 153.5 kg at week 15. This has been a weight loss of a steady kilo a month for two years – with no suffering or food deprivation. I have gone on holidays and eaten whatever the heck I’ve wanted. I have had chocolate and steak and cheesecake and desert when I’ve gone out to dinner. I have even thrown out cake that has gone mouldy and chocolates that have gone stale – because I had forgotten they were there and I had not wanted to eat them! A chocolate bar can sit in my fridge now for weeks with no hope of consumption.

I have continued to lose weight at a very gradual, safe rate almost throughout the pregnancy. I weighed 154 kg at week 39. Now I am dying of curiosity to see what I weigh when I see my obstetrician at my 6 week check up. I am continuing to see Colin about increasing my breast milk supply and working through the aftermath of anxiety and pain from the birth, and E.F.T. has helped immeasurably with that too. My sleep is better and my milk supply is increasing. It is such a comfort to have an alternate health professional who treats the whole of the person, their body, mind and spirit, and who treats not just today’s symptoms, but clears the past ills and helps prevent future ones.

I would thoroughly recommend the E.F.T. process to anyone. I have found it a great help with ridding myself of underlying causes to health concerns. Colin even trains you to be able to do the process yourself, so instead of eating for comfort, or to mask your anger or because you are lonely or bored or tired or feeling under appreciated, you can work out the underlying cause of your problems and take another step along the road to self acceptance.

This testimonial covers a period of three years of the benefits I have experienced as a long term client.

Margot F. (Townsville)

Power of EFT Daily

I have been seeing Wendy for some time now. Through her I have learnt EFT which I use on myself daily, to have really good days. I have found EFT very powerful in helping me to get my mind in balance, to think straight. It relaxes me incredibly and helps me let go of anxiety and anger.

Seeing Wendy in clinic also helps me stay on track for what I want to achieve. I cannot believe the power it gives my mind to see the right direction to follow. Thank you.

D. H. (Townsville)

Vietnam Veteran - Chronic Pain, Headaches & Nightmares

Over 30 years ago in South Vietnam, I recieved fractures to vertebrae in my neck and back. Since that time I have suffered from chronic pain and headaches, which worsened as the years passes.

Also as the years passed, so the list of prescription drugs I was given grew proportionately. As almost every conventional western drug has side effects, I found that the medication I was taking to ease my pain, stress and nightmares, created as many problems as they were supposed to cure. I decided that I was sick and tired of living on drugs which produced no tangible benefits to me, and that I wanted a drug free, better quality of life.

I have always been open minded about alternative therapies and started “shopping around”. When I tried EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with Wendy and Colin I couldn’t believe the changes to my well-being.

After just a couple of visits and instructions on exercises to do at home, I find that I can now control the pain myself, without the aid of anti-inflamatories and pain killers, I have almost weaned myself off antidepressants (which were causing/co-inciding with massive migraine attacks) and my night-mares have abated considerably.

I still have a long way to go yet but I am convinced that this therapy will give me the drug free and pain free life that has eluded me for three decades.


John B. (Townsville, QLD)

14 Year Old - Hitting Parents

I brought my son (aged 14) to Colin at the Optimal Wellness Clinic. He was very irritable all the time, had trouble sleeping and poor concentration, he was very difficult to get along with. He would physically hit both mum and dad. He also had difficulty eating, would not eat very much and had allergies.

After having EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) over a 5 week period he was far more in control, the Minerals and Vitamins also made a huge difference. His sleep improved, concentration was much better, he was basically calm and any outburst was rare.

He became aware of how to look after himself and knows he can call Colin who became a Mentor for him, he knows he has solutions to any problems.


S.L (Townsville)

I feel free, really free

I feel very strongly that I need to write this and I hope you will include it in your
testimonial page. What I am about to say – is the entire truth of how I feel.

I turned to the Optimal Wellness and Life Success centre in total desperation. I advertised on face book, asking my friends if they knew anyone – anyone at all out in the world who could help me to feel like a human again and be pain free.

The feedback I got led to Wendy and Colin Soper. I come from a very traumatic background and I had been going to doctors for at least 14 years for 10/10 pain and chronic fatigue type symptoms. My blood tests regularly showed that my body was fighting unknown infections and all sorts of problems were happening internally but no one could tell me what or why.

I was just offered medication after medication. All of this was affecting my life, job and family. I started to withdraw into myself and stopped going anywhere except to work (when I wasn’t on sick leave). I have to say – attending an appointment with Wendy turned out to be the best decision of my life!

I have had 3 one hour sessions. I am now free from my traumatisation from my past and I am totally pain free! I would not say that I am a person who believes in miracles, but I have to honestly say that I believe Wendy has performed one on me. I feel free. Really free.

Free from my past, free from pain and free from guilt, self hate, anxiety, low self esteem (all to do with my past). I am going to be seeing Wendy again soon but this time, she is going to help me lose weight.

I am so excited and I totally believe she can help me in this regard too. To anyone out there who has any kind of problem at all, do yourself a favour. invest your time in Wendy and Colin. You will not be sorry.

Janette (Townsville)

Fat Loss- Amazing Blood Test Result

I am into Phase 3( Day 9) and I have lost 10Kilo’s, 7 cm around my waist and chest, starting to take an interest in cooking which is a good distraction to my busy mental occupation BUT that is not what impresses me the most.

I got Blood tested 22/12/10 (before I did the 3 week diet) and again 16/2/11 (4 days into Phase 3). The results are terrific and supports what goes on inside, not just what people see in weight loss on the outside.

My Cholesterol before was 5.5 and was at the top of the range (3.9-5.5). After it is 3.7 and now they say it is Low.

Darren (Townsville)