Our world has changed dramatically in the last 100 years….

  • We have gone from eating food that was produced in our local area and grown naturally without the use of chemicals (organically).
  • We have gone from using very basic soap for all our cleaning needs to using a huge range of cleaning products in our homes and on our bodies.
  • We have the modern convenience of electricity making many of our daily chores much easier, washing dishes, clothes, lighting etc.

We could continue to list all the changes that have occurred over this time but we’re sure you would find that quite tedious.

My question is, have all these changes been successful in enhancing our quality of life?

It is becoming more and more apparent that many of us are becoming sicker, fatter, more depressed, anxious, tired and wired and generally stressed out. Is what we are doing really working for us?

There are many areas where life has improved but there are also many areas where we must become more informed and take responsibility for ourselves. Taking responsibility for our own health is definitely a main area to work on.

Good Health is just not merely the absence of disease, but enjoying superb physical and mental health to a grand old age. There are isolated pockets of log-lived cultures in the world who live into their twilight years with firm, functioning bodies and sharp minds.

So, if you knew that by changing a few simple things in your life, you stood a greater chance of living in good health, able to enjoy an active productive lifestyle into your old age with your friends, family and grandchildren – would you?

Click on the recording below to explore those simple changes that can help you.

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