Wellness Coaching

Are you still struggling for Answers?

Would you like to have more energy and a positive zest for life? 

With so many rapid changes in our modern world, our diets have changed quite dramatically over the last 100 years or so. 

This has lead to the rise of many health issues.

We can help you with:-

Digestive Issues


Irritable Bowel



Eating Disorders

Mood Disorders

Toxicity Issues

Depression/ Anxiety


Hormonal Issues


Weight Loss

Skin Conditions

Auto-immune Disorders


We address the Cause, not just the Symptoms and can look at all aspects of your life to bring you balance and harmony.  

Often there are health challenges that people face that are coming from unseen factors.  

Our role is to help you learn what is best for you and your family and give you the edge in leading a healthy vibrant life.  

Call Wendy or Colin today on (07) 4725 3080 or email info@optimalwellness.net.au to make a time for us to help you.